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 As one of the major languages in Europe, German can come in handy. It can be useful on a holiday in Germany or Switzerland, and can help one's chances when applying for a job with a company that does business in Germany. Some people are interested in learning German because they're interested in learning the language that their ancestors may have spoken. Sometimes it's hard to find a German class nearby, and even if there is one, the schedule might not work out. Other times, the German classes aren't offered above the beginner's level. There are, however, a wide variety of self-teaching materials, including software, CDs, and books with which one can learn German, and at a cost that's normally cheaper than a language school would charge. The learning materials are also available for students of all levels. Here is a listing of learning materials which are hard to find outside of Germany:

Eurolingua 1 - Multimedia-Sprachkurs. CD-Rom 1  - This learning software programm for beginners contains 2000 exercises.

Übungsgrammatik DaF für Fortgeschrittene, - This book offers an extensive assortment of grammar exercises for intermediate and advanced learners.

 Deutsche Grammatik: Ein Handbuch für den Ausländerunterricht  - An extensive guide to all aspects of German grammar, this is very good to have around for reference if you do a lot of writing in German.

Das Oberstufenbuch Deutsch als Fremdsprache. -  This textbook for advanced learners focuses mostly on writing skills and can be part of preparing for the Zentrale Oberstufeprüfung which is offered by the Goethe Institut.

PROMT Personal 7.8 Englisch-Deutsch/Deutsch-Engi - A German/Englisch translation program designed for home use. Although translation software can't replace a good knowledge of the language, it can be handy for speed.



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