While your stay in La Paz you have the possibility to visit the highlands but also the tropical rainforest of Bolivia called "Yungas". You can easily and quickly reach the "Yungas" by car or by plane.

If you want to visit this area by car it is recommendable to go and see the nearby and small city of Coroico. After an ascending drive to the "Cumbre" (5000m absolute altitude) you can expect a 2h drive which takes you bit by bit into the "Yungas".

If you prefer to experience the bolivian jungle in its whole diversity you can take a plane to "Rurrenabaque". Here you can book lots of tours on different rivers and experience and see the bolivian biota.


Thanks to the multifaceted culture of Bolivia there are many destinations for you to visit in this beautiful country.

The highland called “Altiplano“ is thereby of importance. There you can visit for example Tiwanaku. This ruin is located on the way to Peru and only 1,5h away from La Paz. Only 1% of the former city is discovered and cleared. Tiwanaku was the religious and administrative center of this culture between 100 B.C. and AD 1000.
Furthermore the archaeological city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000. 

The Tiwanakotas were already able to carry stones from the stone pit which was 190 miles away to the city. The weight of those stones exceeded often one ton. The most famous sight is the “Gateway of the Sun” which is at the same time evidence that this culture already had some astrologic knowledge.

Two museums offer the visitors the possibility to learn more about this culture and the ruins. You can easily visit this sight in a one day tour and also get an impression of the life at the "Altiplano". 

Lake Titicaca

One of the most popular sights is the Lake Titicaca which attracts a lot of visitors every year.

It is the highest commercially navigable lake in the world and the largest lake in South America. You can reach the lake from La Paz by bus or by car. You can visit the lake in a one day trip to Puerto Perez or you can make a weekend trip to Copacabana.


If you want to enjoy the quietness of the lake in its full dimension you can visit the Island of the sun (Isla del Sol) or the Island of the moon (Isla de la Luna).