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About the test
The A1 German language test consists of four parts.

(consists of three parts)

In the first part the students are required to introduce themselves. As a student of our language institute you will learn how to e.g. tell your name, your age, the place where you live, the languages that you speak etc.


In the second part of the speaking test you will be asked to give personal information to others and ask others for the same. You will learn how to talk about your family, about your work or about things you do during the week.


The third part tests whether the students are able to ask for certain objects or to give information about where a place is. You will learn how to express your wishes in a polite way and how to ask for a certain place in a town or city.

(consists of three parts)

Reading requires the students to find certain pieces of information in a text. They also have to decide whether a statement about the given text is true or false. You will learn how to read signs, classfiers, letters and postcards. 

(consists of three parts)

In the listening part you will listen to short pieces of everyday conversation, public announcements and messages, which have been left on answering machines or mobile phones.
At the end of your language course you will be able to understand and communicate in a sufficient manner.

(consists of two parts)

Writing requires the students to fill in a form with five pieces of information, which need to be found in a text. In the second part a letter consisting of about forty words has to be writen. You will learn how to fill in a form and how to write letters or notes to friends and offices respectively.

Speaking                  25%

Reading                    25%

Listening                  25%

Writing                      25%


Maximum score  100 %

  • You will have to achieve 60%  in order to pass the A1 test.
  • The test will take about 80 minutes not including breaks
  • Always be aware, that A1 is demanding and requires some dedication and ambition from your side.
  • We will help you to pass, if you are ready to learn. Our success rate is 100% since the introduction of the A1 test in 2007.
Fee for the test Goethe Institut/Bangkok: 3300 Baht (November 2015)