michaela von pilsach

born in frankfurt/main, lives in hanover since 1987
1979-1981      studied music (violoncello) at the karlsruhe university of music
1982-1984      worked at the
associação comunitária monte azul são paulo, brasil        
1984-1987      studied music at the berlin university of the arts
1987-1989      final studies and artistic diploma from the hanover university of
                      music, theater and media
                      charcoal drawings and watercolour-works
since 1997      participating in the
tara rokpa process founded by akong rinpoche    
                      constantly painting+drawing whilst building up her cello career
2010-2011      working with acrylic on canvas in large formats
2013               working with gold leaf
2014-2015      drawings coal, graphite, wax pen
2016-2019      preparing the installation "playing with memories" acryl on paper and canvas


2012 "reliefs"                            kunstverein neustadt a. rbge
2013 "reliefs+large formats"        kunsthalle faust e.v. hannover
2014 "montsiá series"                tonhalle hannover
2015 "drawings"                        kulturcafé "nebenan" 29308 winsen
2015 "drawings+large formats"  glockenhaus lüneburg
2016 "spuren"                           galerie-hesse hannover-garbsen
2019 "playing with memories"    rathaus der stadt garbsen