Global Social Impact Initiative


On this website several initiatives solving a social or ecological problem are displayed. These organisations need funding to scale up their approach nationally and globally, thus they themselves give the information how much they need to solve the problems they tackle. It is the aim of the provider to bridge the gap between successful social organisations and social investors.

The organisations are asked the following questions in order to show their required support:

1. What problem do you tackle? 
2. What is your approach?
3. How many people do you employ?
4. How much money do you need to solve the problem in the country you operate? (estimate)
5. How much time would it take and what other ressources would be required?
6. What would be the next steps, if you got the money for solving it nationally?
7. Contact information

This website shall serve as a catalogue for social investors, donors and government representatives how to support best the displayed approaches.

Dr. Michael Wirtz
Private Institute for Social Business Innovation