CFO asks:
"What happens if we invest in developing our people and
they leave the company?"

CEO answers:
"What happens if we don't and they stay?"


We offer training and coaching in the field of:
  • Organisational development
  • Project management (including project planning)
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Training on intercultural competence and communication
  • Country analyses
  • Specific training for the integration of refugees
  • Political education
  • Teamwork and -teambuilding
  • Individual training and coaching according to identified needs (e.g. personal development)
  • Equestrian supported training/coaching/therapy

Capacity Development
Our individual and professional life is characterized through permanent changes impacting current situations and statuses, but also offering possibilities and opportunities. Lifelong learning - for organisations as well as individuals - has become a 'must' for decades to respond to a dynamic living and working environment. Capacity development takes place on individual, organsiational and structural level. Training, mentoring and coaching are three tools for capacity development among many others.

Training is one of the best-known means for individual and organisational (team) capacity development. It is typically organised after weaknesses were identified or failures appeared. Training is required, when new, unknown projects, structures or processes call for corresponding competences.

As part of the mentoring approach, individuals or teams receive further professional support in the usage of newly gained knowledge and skills into practice to facilitate and improve the transfer and anchoring of new processes and structures.

Coaching is generally spoken a self-help measure: the coach supports the client/team - in solving his or her (professional) problem him- or herself. This is achieved by promoting self-reflection and self-awareness of the client/team and improve the client’s possibilities with regard to perception, experience and behaviour.
We assess training needs, elaborate training concepts and manuals and offer training, mentoring and coaching in the field of
As a new approach we also include equestrian supported training, coaching and therapy in our portfolio.