Equestrian supported activities
training, coaching, therapy


In challenging times, where many people are stressed and overworked, they are yearning for balance, relaxation or "finding themselves again". As a qualified pedagogue and certified riding (therapeutic) pedagogue, I offer you the opportunity to get in touch with horses.  We work around, with, and on horses to addressing all aspects of you as a human being, awakening your emotions and providing space for closeness, security, respite, and for regeneration and self-development.
Horses support and encourage us. They interact with us without any intention and expectation. They offer security and safety; they act as a model or mirror of our own personality and attitude.Horses let us experience the feeling of control and self-efficacy and support us in our personal development.

 We offer equestrian supported services in the fields of

  • Overload, stress, burn-out
  • Personality development and building self-confidence
  • Self-perception versus external perception
  • Improving communication skills
  • Improving social competence (respect, closeness and distance, leadership, teamwork and taking responsibility)
  • Promotion of senso-motoric and cognitive development
The activities take place through direct contact and activities with the horse, for example through
  • Observations of the social behaviour of horses in the herd
  • Care and feeding of the horses
  • Exercises with the guided horse (ground work) or free work
  • Exercises on the guided or free horse
  • Accompanied riding indoors or outdoors


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