Our Mission

We deliver high quality,
local and culture tailored
impact- and sustainability-oriented,
institutional and project support and training
for national and international
organisations and
Our Aim

We aim at contributing to a more knowledgeable,
tolerant and cosmopolitan community
in the global south
as well as in our home areas
and at transferring our experiences and knowledge.

Always expect, what you are not expecting, and be open for what appears unexpectedly

2020 was a very challenging year: A part from political and social strains, tensions und changes in national and international relations, the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted social and economic life and brought it partially to a standstill. Like other sectors, the development cooperation was highly influenced by the outbreak of the pandemic. Planning of new projects were cancelled, project activities delayed, suspended or even closed. Re-planning was necessary and new methods and tools had to be elaborated and initiated in order to keep up activities.
Despite the immense challenges the global community including governmental organisations and institutions, political foundations, civil society, faith based and charity organisations continued their efforts to reach the "Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs).
The German development policy continued to implement and finance a series of initiatives to reduce and stop the root causes for migration and flight. One particular focus remains on Africa, as stated in the "Marshall Plan with Africa", which shows the cornerstones for a new partnership between Africa and Europe for development, peace and a better future.
Political education towards a responsible and sustainable behaviour with regard to our society as well as our environment is still on the top of political interest. The awareness increases that global and sustainable development is only possible with all global players on board: Sustainable development has to take place not only in the countries of the global south, but everyone, everywhere has to take his/her responsibility for global sustainability.
Within this frame of development policy and development cooperation, worldwide citizen engagement, local participation and ownership of organisations, institutions, stakeholders and individuals remain one of the key backbones: And capacity development of respective actors remain a cross cutting success factor.

As external consultants and trainers we work in Germany, Europe and in countries of the global south.
We assess organisational, institutional and individual capacities and support the  development of structures and processes of organizations and  institutions. Together with our clients we mutually identify potentials and required skills and competencies to increase performance and therefore the effectiveness and impact of their programmes and projects. We monitor and evaluate the relevance of programs and projects and identify ways to keep and/or increase the efficiency and to guarantee sustainability, considering the local and cultural background and values. We adapt our approaches to specific circumstances to achieve the best impact.

Based on need assessments and in cooperation with target groups we support the planning process of programmes and projects and as upon request support or manage the project implementation.
In reference to the above mentioned sectors, we offer  training, seminars and workshops and coaching. In addition we conduct training, seminars and coaching for intercultural competence and communication and country analyses as well as for political education , contributing to a tolerant society. Considering the increasing demand for individual and team support and coaching, we included in 2020 the approach of equestrian supported coaching, advisory services/education and therapy.

Our activities are based on profound and solid theoretical knowledge and, most importantly, years of practical experience in the field. We combine knowledge on international policies, standards and requirements with the skill to transfer them to the specific and local situation, while engaging and motivating the related stakeholders, managers and teams and create ownership.