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About the test

The A2 German language test is a requirement, if you plan to stay in Germany for an unlimited period of time.
The A1 language certificate allows you to stay for only one year. During that time you are required to pass the A2 test "Start Deutsch 2", otherwise you will have to return home. So please make sure that you start to learn for the next level early enough, as you can expect at least another three months of intensive learning.
The structure of the A2 test is very similar, though you will have to be able to speak, write, read and understand on a considerably higher level.

(consists of three parts)

In the first part the students are required to introduce themselves and have to answer several questions by the examiners.


In the second part the students will have to ask questions and answer those of others about e.g. their daily routine. They have to be able to lead a simple piece of conversation. Questions can be such as  "when?", "what?", "with who?" etc.


The third part tests whether the students are able plan things they want to do with friends or colleagues. They will have to ask questions, make suggestions and have to react to those made by other participants until they reach an agreement.

(consists of three parts)

Reading requires the students to find certain pieces of information in a text.
In the first part the text is connected to a specific everyday situation like going shopping.

In the second part the students have to check whether certain statements, which have been made about an authentic text from a newspaper, are true or false. The text can be for example about a popular singer or athlete.

The third part asks the students to match certain classified ads with five given situations.


(consists of three parts)

In the listening part you will listen to short pieces of everyday conversation,  announcements made on a phone or others made on the radio.

There is a important difference to the A1 language test, as students not only have to mark answers, they also have to make notes about what they hear.

(consists of two parts)

Writing requires the students to fill in a form with five pieces of information,
which need to be found in a text.
In the second part a letter consisting of about forty words has to be written. The students will have reply to a letter by using three out of four pieces of information, which have been given to them. Unlike the A1 test, which asks the students to convert complete sentences, the A2 test expects them to create their own sentences by only being given single words.


Speaking                  25%

Reading                    25%

Listening                  25%

Writing                      25%


Maximum score  100 %

  • You will have to achieve 60%  in order to pass the A1 test.
  • The test will take about 85 minutes not including breaks
  • Always be aware, that A2 test is even more demanding and requires more time for preparation. You should at least expect 150 hours of learning.