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About the test

The B1 Zertifikat Deutsch requires a basic knowledge of the German language, that you normally aquire during your preparation for the A1 and A2 test.
You will have to be able to master different linguistic situations by using written or spoken German. The test focuses on your capability to actively take part in everyday conversations, which are related to private topics or issues that you encounter in your job.
The students will have to show, whether they are able to understand other views, express their own opinion and give reasons for their perception in form of a written text. 
They are expected to talk about their personal interests, their wishes, ambitions and experiences they made in the past.
The B1 Zertifikat Deutsch will test your ability to use the most important grammatical structures e.g. Genitiv, Dativ, Akkusativ, Modalverben etc. 

The students will aquire the skill to understand public announcements and radio broadcasts, newspaper articles and general descriptions without any major problems. In the course of a conversation they will be able to make a suggestion, report on a situation and show their content or discontent. 

The B1 Zertifikat Deutsch is a language qualification which is required for studying at a German university or for aquiring German citizenship.


The test itself consists of two parts:

Written examination (duration 150 minutes)

The students have to read classified advertisements and a longer report.

After reading they will perform exercises on the respective text.

  1. Fill in gaps in a letter by selecting the right word from a selection of options.
  2. Listen to everyday conversations, public announcements and an interview. Then find the correct answer for exercises, that are closely connected to what the students heard.
  3. Write an informal or formal letter. Complete the exercises given. 


Oral examination (duration 15 minutes)

During this part of the test the students will work together in pairs.
Introduce yourself and give some information about an everyday topic to your partner by using a text, a drawing or a picture. In the course of the conversation you will have to answer questions, give your opinion and make suggestions.

The B1 test is as demanding as the A2 test. You should expect at least 150 hours of intensive learning for the preparation.

Since spring 2014 there have been some changes concerning the test, we will give you an update soon.